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For those I'm known to, and those I'm to be discovered by; These are updates about my art, my thoughts, and whatever else that crosses my path that I like share with you.


Fall 2006 update

Yes, I've been a bit quiet lately and thought i give a quick updates. My summer was quiet, i did not do much painting but at the end of August i moved to a new studio and have been busy painting since. I'll be posting some new paintings soon, so keep an eye out for them.


"Monthly artists" transformed

Instead of the "monthly artists", I've decided to use Google's on-line album. I have the advantage of adding a more pictures and the usability for you is much easier. Enjoy at:

Milton Avery
Aug 9, 2006 - 29 Photos



Introducing James Koskinas

Addition of James Koskinas to the "My-Network" section of my site. Click here to view

Sample work of


Introducing C J Collins

Addition of C J Collins to the "My-Network" section of my site. Click here to view

Sample work of C J Collins'


Favorite Artist - June

Gary Komarin

view the full gallery at:


New Paintings - June


Untitled #5-06


New York City #1


Revamped website

I'm introducing my revamped website. . Check it out now!


New York City #1 coming soon

I've just completed "New York City #1" a black and white painting measuring 30 x 40 inches. Will have it on the soon!



I've gotten a lot of great feedback about the site redesign, especially it being black; but I have to admit that I rushed into and so this month I'm working on polishing it up. I'll have it ready for viewing by the first of the month.


Favorite Artist - May

This will be an ongoing monthly list of some of my favorite artist;
For May I present:

Amy Sillman
Lives & works in New York
view the full gallery at: